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Vapor permeability of AMK


AMK belong to film-type materials and hereby the notion “resistance to vapor permeability” is used, i.e. AMK offers the resistance to the steam passage 0.17 (m2 * h*Pa)/mg. The notion “vapor permeability” is applicable, for example, to such materials as gas concrete block, foam concrete block, stucco and so on.

The vapor permeability of adhesive layer is very high and it does not exert any influence on AMK. AMK is a porous material. Thus, light, water and steam pass through a multitude of pores, which allows the walls to breathe.

This vapor permeability value corresponds to the value of wood-fiber materials, for example the value of wood veneer is0.15 (m2 * h*Pa)/mg.

The moisture absorption value is quite high, namely 7.4% by mass. But this is absolutely normal, because the more porous the material, the higher the moisture absorption (one more time about good vapor permeability). You may ask what should we do with moisture getting through the walls? The answer to the question is as follows: We recommend using a moisture-resistant glue for mosaic, which prevents moisture from getting into walls.