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The coating is represented in the form of prefabricated sheets with a size of 0.9 m2, which can be easily mounted on the wall with glue.

Each AMK element is provided with protective film that ensures fast installation with minimum labor inputs. It does not load the structure and is much cheaper than many other finishing materials. Fine marble aggregate is used in the manufacture of AMK, which gives the material a natural appearance and perfectly replicates stone masonry. You can create your own color combination or choose one of the displayed shades. The marble aggregate is colored with iron oxide pigments, which make the coating resistant to UV and bad weather.

Thus, AMK can be used both for doing some refurbishing inside the house and the house exterior finishing.
Only high-quality and environmentally safe raw materials are used in the manufacture of AMK.

Our mission is to help people make their homes beautiful and comfortable without extra cost and effort.

АМК decorative covering

Create your own combination of AMK colors

for your facade or interior

Redy-made solution
Select on individual basis

Select the element type:







Flemish bond

Flemish bond



Redy-made solution:









Sheet size: 1250х1050mm
Element size: 400х190mm
Effective area of one sheet: 0,94 m2
Package weight: 15-17 kg
Package size: 1100х250х130mm
Package contents: 10 sheets - 9,4 m2

It’s possible to purchase individual stonework pieces of AMK without the backing net (for repair, decoration, etc.)

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why you should choose AMK

AMK can be installed
on a prepared surface made from materials such as: DSP, aerated concrete, foam concrete, polystyrene, foam plastic, rigid mineralwool plate, drywall, plaster, (but considering their
individual aspects).

  • comprised of natural materials

  • No special skills required for installation

  • Resistant to harsh environments

  • Can be installed on many different surfaces

  • Fire resistant

  • Ultra-low maintenance

  • Vapor permeable

  • Aesthetic appearance

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to clean

Installation training videosby ALECK

Recommended mounting technology

AMK for interiors

Mounting angles

Installation of amk on mineral wool

Installation of amk decorative covering

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Frequently asked questions

30 М²
The area of the wall of a structure which can be easily covered by two people during one regular work shift
8 М²
Area covered by one bag of glue

+What is the service life of AMK decorative covering?

With the material itself there will be almost zero wear with time, as they are made from real marble aggregate. Still, it’s worth making sure the installation is done correctly, and to note the guarantee of the adhesive manufacturer you use.

+ Is it possible to decorate the walls of older houses, buildings, and other structures?

Yes, of course! But it’s important to properly prepare the surface. To do this, you need to rid the surface of all the cracks and irregularities with plaster. In the same way, AMK can even be applied to brickwork!

+ Is AMK used on interiors?

Yes! AMK perfectly replicates masonry, which is increasingly being used for interior decoration.

+When a protective film should be removed?

The removal of the protective film directly depends on temperature conditions and material on which the AMK is applied. It is recommended to perform installation at a temperature not lower than +5 °C and give consideration to the absorption rate of original material. The higher the absorption rate, the faster the glue drying rate.

+Which glue is better for installation?

Super-strong water- and frost-resistant glue for mosaic and porcelain tiles will be the perfect choice. Use only white glue. If you need to change the color of the pointed joint, this can be achieved by applying the special technology. You can found out more about it by watching video on our YouTube channel.

+What is the best way to store AMK?

It is best to store the material in a warm, dry room, since it becomes brittle at a low temperature without fixation with glue.

+What is the best air temperature for AMK installation?

Installation can be carried out at a temperature not lower than +5 °C. You must act very carefully in the course of installation – for example, do not put strong pressure on sheets so as to avoid cracks.

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