Professional advice
We are ready for cooperation and can give more details about our decorative covering, as well as about installation technology over the phone. Please fill out the form and we will definitely call you back.
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Warranty and quality

Only high-quality raw materials are used for the manufacture of AMK decorative coating. We appreciate our clients and want to provide the highest quality products and services. Therefore, we are always ready to receive your feedbacks on the AMK products so as to be able to make further improvements!

We constantly try to improve our product and study it by conducting various tests, for example frost resistance, adhesion, vapor permeability tests. The material has the certificate of conformity, fire and environmental compliance certificates, which serve as proof of quality and reliability of the AMK coating. The warranty on the material is 15 years , subject to the use of the recommended glue and installation technology, described in the instructions and videos on our YouTube channel.